Behind the scenes, reviews, and other commentary.

Stripe Fall '13

Beach at Pigeon Point

Recently myself and the Stripe team went up the coast a little with some models and assistants to shoot a lookbook of their fall merchandise. It was a fun day packed with a lot of outfits and locations. Although for most of the day we didn't have the fog and cloud cover that I was hoping for we got enough of it for it to work overall. Its always kind of frustrating trying to fight the mid day sun when its just harshly illuminating everything but with some good umbrella placement and awesome assistance I were able to mostly get it looking alright. As usual the shoot day began with makeup:

As you can see in the next photos, the sun was pretty strong and harsh but my 60" Softlighter was able to do double duty and shade/light the models. For times like this it would be best to have a big scrim or a huge umbrella to use for shade but it just isn't at all practical. At least at a location like this with my resources.. Since we were right above the beach there was a little breeze going and any amount of wind turns big light modifiers into sails. Luckily I had some great help on that end and the light was well managed.   

And here are a few of the final images from that location: 

After shooting for a while at the lighthouse area we went down the road a little to a kind of marshy area. This was probably my favorite location of the day because the fog rolled in and the light got super soft. It was pretty much perfect. I'm striving to get better at naturally mixing ambient light with the flash and I'm really happy with the look of these shots. Below are some behind the scenes shots of the setup and then the final images:

I didn't take as many behind the scenes photos as I would've liked but here are a few more of the final images from the shoot:

Overall a fun shoot at some beautiful locations.