Behind the scenes, reviews, and other commentary.

Penny Rose Summer '13

In late May I shot a series of Oz themed photos for

Here's a great behind the scenes video from Deva: 

We got to shoot on some beautiful property up in the mountains which was great. It was helpful to have all of the people that we had. There was a shoot assistant and hair was on set all day. Those kinds of things make things a lot nicer.   I think most of the photos turned out alright. Some of them are the kinds of things that I'd like to someday revisit with a larger budget to build some bigger sets but for the resources we had available I think we did pretty well. The yellow bricks were pretty fun. They actually aren't bricks at all. 2x4"s cut up into sections and painted yellow. Thought that'd be lighter and cheaper than actual bricks. I love when something so simple can add something really cool looking to a photo. 

Below are some more behind the scenes photos followed by some of my favorite final images from the shoot: