Here you'll find various things relating to photo shoots. Behind the scenes pictures, video, and some commentary. 

Brooke and John - Bright California Wedding

      Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot my cousin Brooke's wedding to her husband John. Anyone who knows me will know that I've never thought of wedding photography as something I would really be interested in doing. For family and close friends though, sure, why not try it? I usually think of myself as more comfortable with more posed/styled/lit shoots (as you can see from my portfolio) so the idea of spending a whole day constantly shooting documentary style was a little daunting. Not that I would be unable to but just that it isn't something I have too much experience with. That said, after shooting this first wedding and having another that I am shooting soon (tomorrow, as of the day I'm writing this), I think I see wedding photography as something I may get comfortable doing more of. If not for the money alone. Beyond that though, I appreciate the freedom of being able to creep around during an event and just take pictures. It reminds me of when I was younger before I did "photography" and just took tons of snapshots of my life. There is a variety and energy to shooting events that is tantalizing after some years of much less spontaneous shoots. 

      In terms of equipment and processing, I shot most of the wedding with a 23mm f/1.4 mounted on my Fuji X-E2 and an 85mm f/1.8 on my Canon 6D. Also used 18-55 and 35mm lenses on the Fuji a few times. Having never done weddings, it'll be interesting for me to do some more and get an idea of what gear works best for how I like to shoot. It would have been nice to have a 56mm f/1.2 to put on my other Fuji so I could shoot the whole thing with two lightweight bodies that produce files consistent with each other but the Canon I have is no slouch and the 6D/85 combo produces beautiful images so it wasn't really an issue. 

      I took about 3000 photos in all which is more than any other shoot or event I've ever done. Took a while to cull down to the roughly 500 I am delivering. Did all the culling and base editing in Lightroom and then exported to PSD files that each got touched upon in Photoshop to finish them. Despite Lightroom still being relatively shitty with Fuji X-Trans raw files (or at least with the ones I have, maybe the X-Pro 2 and X-T2 are better in LR?), I wanted to use VSCO presets I have as a basis for editing so Lightroom was a necessity. People can argue all they'd like about the trendiness and overuse of film simulation presets but ultimately it sped up my workflow a ton. Being able to get a pretty good start on (and sometimes totally finish) images with a few clicks is critical when you have so many to go through. Pretty much the whole set was processed with a slightly customized version of the Kodak Gold 200 or 200- presets from VSCO 05. Of course, many of the photos had additional work done in Photoshop. The formal group portraits in particular needed more color and light work and even then aren't something I'm overly happy with. 

      The more I think on it, the more I could write about the experience of shooting a big wedding for the first time. I think overall, having never done this before, it went well. It'll be a fun change of pace and style for me if I choose to pursue this some more.  For now, I'll stop rambling and leave this with a smattering of cool shots from the day-

Brooke and John Wedding - 130.jpg
Brooke and John Wedding - 190.jpg