Here you'll find various things relating to photo shoots. Behind the scenes pictures, video, and some commentary. 

Nicole and Marco - Intimate Home Wedding

      Continuing my experiments with wedding photography, I recently shot Nicole and Marco's wedding. I've known Nicole since early in high school, remain friendly acquaintances since, and have seen each other periodically at local art events. I didn't realize until more recently that we both had a close mutual friend (Alison, who some may recognize from various shoots and behind the scenes things) and when I heard that Nicole was getting married, I offered to see if she needed photography. 

      The wedding was at a beautiful family property in the Soquel mountains. It being mid summer here in California, the light was mostly bright and harsh until it set. That said, I think having to shoot in light like that is making me get a bit better at finding ways to make it work. Often that means shooting people backlit and trying to take advantage of any sort of bounce from walls or other people's light clothing. 

      After using my Fujifilm system for a couple weddings along with my Canon, I have started to get a decent feel for its strengths and weaknesses. I really enjoy the form factor and controls on the Fuji bodies. The 35mm F1.4 is also fantastic and can be relied on, even wide open, to be super sharp and beautiful. Slightly disappointing is the 23mm F1.4 that I got a little while ago. In general its still pretty good, maybe great, but it definitely isn't as consistently sharp wide open as the 35. Whether that is the lens design, manufacturing variance, or autofocus related, I'm not sure. (Probably a bit of all three). Even so, its probably as good if not better than the Canon 35mm F/2 that I have for my Canon bodies, and very good when stopped down a bit, so I'll keep using it for now. I do love the look of a wide aperture 35 and hope someday to get the new Canon 35mm F/1.4 II.

      Every time I shoot and edit a wedding I notice things that I want to improve or try next time. As with any art, the more you do and the more you learn, the larger your vocabulary for creating becomes. 

     Here is a selection of some of the photos-

7-9-16 Nicole and Marco - 38.jpg
7-9-16 Nicole and Marco - 163.jpg